Designing effective dashboards

The powers that be love dashboards, I mean they LOVE dashboards.  Now while showing as many different gauges, metrics, bar graphs and traffic lights may seem at first to be the way to your company CEOs heart it may also be your undoing if you don’t follow some simple steps to ensure what you show is useful, easy to read and even actionable.

Read the excellent Common Pitfalls of Dashboard Design document from Stephen Few here:

Download PDF document

ProClarity Dashboard

ProClarity Dashboard is a piece of technology I’ve been itching to use for the last couple of years now,  I’m sure we can make great use of it even if official support of ProClarity products will end in 2012.  Due to the “underground” nature of database development it’s rare that the business gets to see an end product on their screen and it’s nice to be able to involve the database team in these kinds of projects.

ProClarity Dashboard example, this is actually showing Reporting Services information about number of report requests, top users, success rate etc: